By far the biggest and the most interesting project I worked on. With a big team of interaction-, user experience- and visual designers we’ve created a brand new ‘personal customer environment’. The version we’ve created at Liberty Global, the mother company, is to roll out in all the countries¬†and brands. We’ve used the UPC branding and the NL market as a base, but we had adjust all screens according to the county. This since each country have their own specific payment system, products and laws to follow.


See below the adaptation to the Ziggo brand:



This required a lot of user experience design guidance and adeptness¬†per country. With an amazing team we’ve managed to create a solid version of a personal environment that met all the requirements set by the overall management. After a very intense user test we were ready to roll out our product to all the counties involved and set up a framework which allowed to make county specific changes.



  • Concept Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Web Design